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A New Crusade

Azeroth is in chaos.  Its cities and lands lie in ruin.  Its seas roil with storms and with malicious enemies.  Threats awaken in the depths of the earth.  The trollish war drums beat in Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub.  The orcs lead the Horde in the devastation of Azeroth, and a new Plague claims the lives and minds of people across Lordaeron.


 This state is nothing new to our world--and therein lies our disgrace, for they are all of them old enemies returned.  The naga, the trolls, the Horde, the Forsaken, Ragnaros and even Deathwing are enemies we know to be dangerous, yet we let them be and pretended to forget about them while we turned our attention to more current, more fashionable pursuits.

And then we marveled that we were attacked from behind.

 The Azure Crusade, then, forms in the same vein as the Scarlet and Argent Crusades: To the purpose of ensuring that the vanquished enemies of the Alliance stay vanquished.  We are the eyes, the ears, the avenging hand of the Alliance.  While others close their eyes, we stand watch--and we act.
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